news - 24 September 2012

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Eyeheight reports strong interest in expanded geNETics product range

24 September 2012: Eyeheight celebrated its 20th anniversary at IBC2012 with four additions to the company's geNETics range of modular broadcast, post-production and presentation equipment. Three new compliance products were introduced plus an audio descriptor for use in high-definition television transmission.

"We have built up a strong customer base over the past two decades," comments Eyeheight's Sales Director Martin Moore, "many of whom we still meet at the major shows. This year's IBC generated a lot of new contacts from a wide geographical area and all the key market segments."

New at IBC2012: LE-3D dual-channel 3D video legaliser

Eyeheight's LE-3D video legaliser offers an efficient way of helping edited stereoscopic programmes pass broadcasters' technical quality-assurance requirements. Legalisation parameters for left and right video channels can be adjusted from a single operating panel, ensuring precise compliance with industry standards. Operator-adjustable settings within the LE-3D include RGB, YUV or composite mode selection, clipping level, soft clipping knee, luma and chroma gain, black level, and hue rotation. Once set, the legaliser automatically detects and correct any parts of a video signal that do not conform to industry-agreed component or composite colour space levels.

New at IBC2012: LE-3G multi-rate video legaliser

The LE-3G is a multi-rate SD-SDI/HD-SDI video gamut legaliser providing full support for 1080p50 and 1080p60 high-definition production and transmission formats. Designed for use in television studios, broadcast ingest suites, post-production facilities and playout centres, it enables video legalisation parameters to be corrected automatically, ensuring full compliance with industry-agreed regulations for broadcast signal delivery. Single-touch presets allow fast configuration to EBU-R103 (Europe), 7.5 IRE pedestal (US) or 0 IRE pedestal (Japan). Detailed configuration can be performed via an intuitive menu common to all products in Eyeheight's geNETics series.

New at IBC2012: CC-3G multi-standard auto-legalising colour corrector

The CC-3G is designed for use in digital cinema production, post and presentation as well as high-end television. Compatible with latest-generation 3 gigabits per second infrastructure, it accepts all commonly used standards from interlaced 525/625-line standard definition up to progressive 1080-line 50-frame and 1080-line 60-frame high definition. Colour balance can be adjusted quickly and easily to ensure visual consistency between adjacent sequences and throughout a programme. An integral legaliser automatically conforms outgoing signals fully to user-defined standard output parameters or to the default EBU R103. This is important given the potential of equipment operating in YUV colour space to exceed standard levels for content delivery through RGB-based and composite networks.

New at IBC2012: AD-2EM high-definition audio descriptor

Designed for use in master control rooms and playout suites, the AD-2EM decodes audio description and control data from audio embedded in the HD-SDI transport stream. It generates an in-vision display of audio level, fade and pan information. A status bar shows audio description errors such as swapped or inverted data. This display can be hidden and locked for automatic on-air use by audio description decoders. A mix of audio description and programme audio is provided on embedded group 1, channels 3 and 4, with correct pan and fade response. Raw programme audio is embedded on channels 3 and 4 in the absence of a valid audio descriptor control track. In-vision error reporting is also provided.

About Eyeheight

Eyeheight ( designs and manufactures SDI/HD-SDI equipment for programme-origination, quality-assurance, post-production, playout and associated areas. This includes hardware legalisers, logo generators, safe-area generators, keyers, colour correctors and aspect ratio converters. Eyeheight products are available worldwide.

The accompanying 300 DPI JPEG image shows the front control panels of Eyeheight’s new LE-3D dual-channel 3D video legaliser, LE-3G multi-rate video legaliser, AD-2EM high-definition audio descriptor and CC-3G multi-standard auto-legalising colour corrector.