news - 8 November 2011

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ONSIGHT on Target with Eyeheight 3D Legaliser

London, 8 November 2011: ONSIGHT, which supported Atlantic Productions and its contributing partners Sky 3D, and SGO in winning the IBC 2011 Special Award for exceptional 3D vision in creating Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough, made use of Eyeheight's LE-3D video legaliser, which provides identical legalisers working in parallel to provide confidence that each level of 3D video capture is precisely in compliance.

“Eyeheight’s legaliser is a vital component of the award-winning work that we have done with our partners,” said ONSIGHT Chief Technical Officer Richard Mills. “The LE-3D legalisers act, in practice, as a seamless, unified brain within our 3D grading and finishing suite as well as our machine room for tape-to-tape transfer and standards conversion work. From where I sit, the capabilities of the LE-3D legaliser stand alone in today’s marketplace.”

Eyeheight Sales Director Martin Moore adds: “We greatly admire the accolades that have been rightly bestowed upon ONSIGHT and its clients for the impressive 3D work that has made them – literally and metaphorically – stand out from the crowd. That our 3D legalisers have been a major part of their success is both gratifying and testament to the years of expertise and innovation applied to the development of the technology.”

Legalisers are a simple way of helping edited programmes pass broadcasters' technical QA requirements by applying a sophisticated system that only corrects parts of a picture that do not meet certain established criteria for RGB, YUV and Composite colour space level specifications. Eyeheight’s legaliser range includes one-touch presets for all major standards, therefore making it all-but-effortless to use anywhere in the world.

Eyeheight ( designs and manufactures SDI/HD-SDI equipment for programme-origination, QA, post-production, playout and associated areas. This includes hardware legalisers, logo generators, safe-area generators, keyers, colour correctors and aspect ratio converters.